In English!

Welcome to my website!

Most of this website is written in Dutch - my mothertongue and also my 'working' language.

However, for the foreign visitors, I'll try to give a short summery here.

On the homepage there are two areas that need a bit of explantion :

On the left side of the page you will find all of my 'own' communication.  This can be 'opinion' pieces, press releases, etc.

Blikvanger - this means 'Eyecatcher' here you will find small videos of 'milestones' happening in the recent weeks & months.  Both areas will be updated on a regular basis.

The tab 'Over Lieve Maes' is a kind of biography.  It tells you that I'm elected in the Flemish Parliament since the 25th of May 2014 with 12.182 votes behind my name.  I'm a member of 2 commissions in the Flemish Parliament :

a) Commission for General affairs, Finances and Budget

b) Commission for Brussels and the 'Flemish Border' where 'Flemish Border' stands for the 19 villages that have a borderline with our capital.

I'm also appointed as a Senator representing the Flemish region.  What does that mean ?  We reformed the Senate last term : there are no longer directly elected senators, but they are appointed by the different regions of the country.

Next to that, it also gives a bit of history of what I did politically before I ended up in Parliament and what the things are that I do when I'm not involved in politics.

The tab 'Parlementair werk' offers, next to a direct link to my page on the site of the Flemish Parliament, a small update on a weekly basis on what I thought is worth mentioning from both Parliaments. 

My party also has an English version of its website, where you can follow the most recent news about us